Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Students, How You Can Divide Your Time.

Student in Malaysia have to face many tests and examinations in school. As a result, there is often much studying and revising to do after school hours. It is not enough to just make up your mind to study hard and to sit for hours at the study table. Instead, follow the steps below for a better and more effective way for preparing for that important test or examination :

Making a time table can really help to organize your time. It is a good idea to make an hour-by-hour schedule. For example, allot a specific time for each chapter. A timetable enables you to check wether you are spending too much time on one subject and too little time on another subject.

Do not wait until you are falling asleep to study. Always schedule study and revision activities first. Save those websites or video games for later because that tasks do not require much energy and still can be done when you are tired.

Yes..A twenty-minute snooze can give you the energy boost you need to get through your studying and revising. It is better to take that break than to waste hours staring blankly at your notes.

That TV shows that you have been dying to watch or that computer game you have been waiting for are some of the activities you can use for motivation. Tell yourself that if you finish your revision on Science, you can proceed to the fun activities.

Remember to eat balanced meals with lots of fruit and vegetables. Also, drink lots of water (source of oxygen for brain uses). You don't want to fall sick, as this will slow down your revision and affect your memories.

Huh..Who say that a Form 3, Form 5 or Upper 6 can't exercise because they will waste their precious time??? That absolutely wrong.. Exercising helps to keep you mentally alert. Exercising also helps to keep you physically fit, thus avoiding illnesses.

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